Operational Logistics Service with
All-Electric Autonomous Vehicles
Operational Logistics Service with
All-Electric Autonomous Vehicles
Meet logistics of the Future
We believe in 20% operational logistics cost reduction with autonomous transportation.

Megawatt aims at building a sustainable logistics ecosystem based on all-electric autonomous vehicles.

In 2018 our team deployed the full-scale V2X testing site consisting of road and data transmission infrastructure, conventional and autonomous connected vehicles.
Autonomous logistics done right
Megawatt provides logistics services with electric autonomous vehicles
Increased shipping density
Our fleet management system alows to optimize routing and increase shipping density
Reduced CO2 emission
Aiming at sustainability we reduce CO2 emisiion with our electric drive design

Improved Just-in-Time capacity
Goods arrive at the right time to the right place reducing the need for storage facilities
Decreased injuries number
With 360 degree control zone our vehicles reducing injuries count making logistics safer than ever
Meet our vehicle
All-electrical vehicle able to carry 2 tons of goods to up to 200 killometrs on a single charge.
Visual navigatiom
All-weather functioning low-cost solution based on visual navigation which does not require additional infrostructure (beacons, markings, etc.)
Remote control and monitoring
Remote control and monitoring software allowing for smooth operation even in unpredicted environment.
V2X communication and fleet management
Integration with existing road infrostructure and data sharing with other vehicles.
Who we are
Anton Poppel

More than 10 years of entrepreneurship exprience.
Over 5 years of experience in managing the research of autonomous all-medium vehicles.
Oleg Shipitko
CTO (Software Development)

More than 6 years of experience in the development of mobile robots and navigation systems.
Ilya Fedichev
CTO (Hardware Development)

Wast experience in the creation of unique electric traction drives for electric vehicles and development of electric autonomous platform.s

Andrey Bolshakov

10 years experience of launcing and operating business in robotics, computer vision and education.
Our partners
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