EVP 100 - xx-xx
Multi-purpose I/O lines
With integrated controller (CAN interface)
Integrated insulation control
  • 8x digital in/out, 2 x analog in
  • 1xPWM
  • Full converter with generic drive control software "MegawattPower"
  • Full converter ready to run with customer specific drive software
The product is designed according to ISO-6469-3-2001 for protecting individuals from electric shock. In the following, product safety features in the will be addressed .
Dielectric strength : Test voltage :2000 V sinusoidal voltage 50Hz (AC) Trip current <10mA Insulation resistance
The following insulation resistance exist between high-voltage path and the housing ground.
The liquid cooled EVP100 is available with 1200V power semiconductors. Depending on the application setup, the superior vehicle controller can interface to EVP 100 via CANbus based speed or torque control commands or, alternatively, with power semiconductor switching commands
The software "Megawatt Daschboard" control of the power of electric motors series EVD.
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